Challenge Accepted!

It's time to start your journey and learn the ancient art of martial arts. Apply yourself listen to your sensei and you will benefit from the rewards that come from learning Karate.

Karate is learnt by millions of students around the world everyday and for a million different reasons. Like any sport Karate requires practice, patience & hard work before you can understand how to defend yourself or work safely with a sword for example, working your way through the ranks takes dedication but will result in a high sense of achievement.

The best way to succeed in learning is with great teachers who have an understanding on how to teach to many different student types, comfortable training grounds and to be surrounded by an amazing group of people all wanting to learn the same as you.

Thats where Lion Bushido Karate Academy excels against the rest, we have a high expectation when it comes to our students and they have a high expectation of their teachers.

Together We Achieve.

- From Shihan David Snell

What Should I expect?

After selecting from one of our dojos in Melbourne and finding a suitable session to begin your training, you will enter as a white belt (10th Kyu). Surrounded by students of a similar level, immediately you will find your sensei challenging you with games and routines to start teaching you the core fundamentals of Karate.

Frequent Questions

What age do I have to be to start?
Lion Bushido accepts students from the age of 4 years upwards. Each class is populated by similar age groups. 4yrs-6yrs will be placed in the Little Lions class. Juniors are between 7yrs-13yrs. Intermediates are between 14yrs-17yrs. Seniors are 18yrs+.

Do I need to purchase a uniform straight away?
No. Given the situation, as you join you do not need to purchase a uniform right now. You are free to train in some comfortable clothing.

Can I change dojos?
Yes, Lion Bushido understand that life changes so we offer cross training passes giving you access to all of our dojos.

How fit do I need to be?
The majority of new students of all ages and sexes are unfit. Your instructor understands this and it is his or her job to ease you into the training.

Do I need to sign a contract?
No, we offer flexible payment options based term by term.

Can I enter a karate competition?
The short answer is yes, but we would recommend training first.

How much does it cost?

We believe it takes more than one class to see if starting a new sport is for you.

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If you have any questions or would like to sign up you can fill out the form below or call us today on (03) 9887 4098.


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