The August tournament has been a major event in the Lion Bushido calendar since 1999. The 2024 August tournament will be held on Sunday, 25th August at the Knox Netball Centre.

The categories of events are as follows: Kata, Self defence, Sword Play, Continuous sparring, Points sparring. Each category has a collection of events, where each event allows competitors to be within a given belt level and age range. There are also open events in each category that may be entered by any coloured or black belt level student within a given age range. Competitors may enter multiple events.


Placegetters are given awards in the form of trophies and medallions. Every student's place contributes towards their school's overall score, with the winning school taking home the perpetual cup. Remember, although trophies and awards are symbols of success, the spirit of healthy competition, maturity and experience gained from the tournament are considered more valuable.