18 years old and older

This group trains together with the teenagers, but adults are expected to perform at a higher level of fitness and intensity. The belt rankings, once achieved are semi-permanent.

To maintain one’s rank, one must continue to train consistently. If an adult were to stop training for a period of 12 months or more, they would need to start again as a white belt.

The Benefits of Adult Classes.

The point of this group is to develop basic Karate skills, which include self-defence, balance and agility. This is achieved through a fun and family friendly atmosphere with plenty of martial arts games.


Fitness is built up whilst dedicated to regular training. Merely turning up for class is not going to work on this aspect. Students are expected to ‘work’ for what they want. Building core strength is important without concentrating on ‘body building’. Strength in the legs, stomach/abdomen and arms are important and will be developed. The variety of physical exercise is greater and more demanding than the lower age groups.


Self Defence skills are more advanced for adults. They are taught to break their fall if ever tripped over. This skill also doubles for practicing their throws and ‘take downs’. These self-defence maneuvers are taught and practiced in a safe and controlled environment.


Confidence is developed by building on self-esteem. This is achieved after training consistently and learning self-defence skills.


Camaraderie amongst the students is an important aspect of their development. Knowing that they share a common interest and goal. Personal development should be their goal. This is very closely linked with their ‘social ability’ or life skills and confidence.


Respect for other people and property is a virtue we demand of our adult students. Bad behaviour is never tolerated. Always accepting that there is a higher authority that must be respected for their knowledge, wisdom and skills is a virtue that is learned quickly. The level of respect expected from an adult is greater than the younger students.


Discipline is achieved through dedication and learning to respect others. Discipline contributes largely to a student’s ability to stay focused with their studies. Time management is part of this discipline.


Fun is something we all want and need. The instructors and students always share a good laugh. The friendships developed in the Dojo are strong with social activities organised occasionally.

Code of Bushido

Code of Bushido means The Way of The Warrior. It is a set of rules that all of our students must follow.

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