The teams tournament is held annually in mid-May at the Rowville Community Centre.

Our Martial Arts camp is a popular event on the LBKA calendar. The Martial Arts camp is held every year in early March at the Oasis Christian Camp


Held once every two years in March at the Oasis Christian Camp in Mt Evelyn, the fun begins on Saturday morning and wraps up Sunday afternoon.

The weekend is an enjoyable mix of training and social activities. Students are exposed to some of the best instructors in the state teaching a variety of martial arts styles including aikido, Brazilian jiu- jitsu, boxing, Silat, nun-chucks, self-defence, karate, kali sticks, fitness sessions, kata, weapons and grappling.


If you get through all of that, you’l enjoy a relaxing Saturday night with social activities organised for adults and kids.

There’s also plenty of time to experience the camp’s activities including a ropes course, flying fox, swimming pool and archery. All of these activities are supervised when required.

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